Social media marketing has been talked about over the last couple of years as the hot new trend in search marketing. Many SEO people utilize social media web sites to push their client site’s content, sometimes called "link bait", to many thousands of people on the web, which can

  • Drive hundreds, if not thousands of people to your site
  • Create many hundreds or thousands of back links
  • Drive buzz about your topic
  • Increase your Organic Search Rankings

We recently had a client article hit the front page of digg that brought in quite a bit of traffic. Before the event, the site was averaging around 150-200 hits a day (paid and organic). Once the article received roughly 150 diggs, we had pulled in over 5,000 hits that day from digg alone! Below is an analytics photo of the traffic spike: Digg Effect

One important point to note here: traffic from stumble upon over the time period was still significant with around 800 visits, showed a longer time on the site and a lower bounce rate.


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jai • 11 years ago

i should, atleast once in my webmastering, achieve the digg effect :)

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