Roll out onto the wrong side of bed this morning? Rich snippet photos got you down (not showing for you yet and you’ve been wondering why)? I can’t really help you with rolling out of bed thing but the latter we’ll take a crack at today…

Google has a couple of methods for getting author photo rich snippets to show in search results, but one way appears more effective than the other.

I’ve heard some people speculate (gripe) about how long it takes before being able to have their image display next to their posts, and rightfully so!

Google says it takes about a month to get rich snippets in going (and, by the way, also has a guide if you are getting stuck) but what if you’ve done all those things and still no luck?

We sort of had this same problem, but after a little investigation it looks like images are starting to show for us now (see screenshots).
Ryan Frank's Rich Snippet example

Mike Shannon's rich snippet example

Google’s method works–but right now, apparently only if you link to your Google+ profile from your post vs. simply adding your site to the “contributor” list within your profile, even though Google says that latter method is all you need.

Google's contributor method doesn't work??

At first when I wanted our blog author’s photos to appear in Google search results I had everyone do the contributor thing only–within about a week Google did start to show rich snippet photos but were the incorrect image and often for the wrong author.

See these screeshots

Alan didn't write this post!

Alan didn't write the entire blog!

Alan is an author (he’s our Director of SEO) but his image was appearing for almost all posts that had rich snippet instances (for any author at

What was frustrating was that Google’s own rich snippet testing tool was showing the correct author on the preview it gave, so we thought we were all good ahead of time. Nope.

My theory: I think Google was looking at the “author” block on our site’s right-hand sidebar and simply picked up the first user it found–Alan Bush. That block appears on all blog posts.

Alan's name is the first on this list

A confused bot?  Me thinks so.

So, I had all our authors link to their Google+ profiles directly from each of their posts since Tim had pretty good success by manually linking to his Google+ profile from a couple of his posts.

We're now linking directly to Google+ profiles

Tim, you are a genius!

And like magic we started seeing the correct photos appearing after pages were re-crawled.

Right now as I’m writing this blog post I’m still seeing some pages showing the incorrect author photos, but it looks like those pages haven’t been crawled since we starting linking.

Happy rich snippeting!


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