Those who say Facebook frighteningly owns our lives, identity, and information (you know, the ones who are perpetually logged-in to the voluntary social media platform) can quit complaining and get even. How’d you like to own a bit of Facebook yourself, say, tomorrow?

Many have anticipated the company’s IPO for years, and prior to very recently, the rumor was that Facebook would go public sometime in the second quarter of this year, between April and June. Facebook is understandably hush-hush about the matter, but all the signs point to a fast-approaching initial public offering. It could happen tomorrow, in a few weeks, or who knows–a few months. Mark Zuckerberg maintains a flip-flop wearing, just-your-average-guy exterior, but it’s his inscrutable nature that keeps people guessing what will happen next.

Just about a year and a half ago, Zuckerberg said Facebook wasn’t "planning to go public anytime soon." Soon is a relative term I suppose. 

Some feel (and the naive part of me, might agree) that Facebook’s going public is akin to selling out–in the figurative sense, I  mean. Jesse Eisenberg really made me believe that this was all about connecting people (make that 800,000,000 people) and that the company’s cultural influence is more important than stock prices. But the company has been evaluated at about $100 billion dollars including a $10 billion share offering. Just "connecting people" went out the window a long time ago. Additionally, the pressure to go public is partly due to a U.S. law that requires a company to release the juicy details of financial performance when it has reached 500 or so private shareholders.

Regardless of the pros and cons, Facebook’s public offering will be monumental. It’ll be the largest IPO in tech history, and perhaps the most notable of the decade. How do you "Like" that?

Want more? Check out Mashable’s Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s $100 billion IPO, The Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Readies IPO Filing, and this video from ABC:


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