I build websites and consult on SEO – it’s what I do!  

Often times I use Drupal to build websites and utilize a plugin to Drupal called "Ubercart" to build e-commerce websites… so I’ve decided to create this ~10 minute video tutorial on Ubercart and the general things you can do with it.  

Some of the items I cover in this Ubercart video are products, taxonomy, lightbox (with products), product classes, shipping and shipping zones, payment options, order management/tracking, coupons and discounts, taxes, stock settings and user roles.

The video isn’t meant to be exhaustive in terms of modules and features but rather a basic introduction to those looking into building or having an e-commerce shopping cart built.  So sit back, relax and you’ll start to see how powerful Ubercart really is. 

Like it’s name, Ubercart is uber – just awesome.  

The real power in Ubercart is in building a community around whatever it is you end up selling.  And a lot of the time a community of people is exactly what drives a great SEO strategy.  Why?  Because a community drives

  • user generated content (spider food)
  • usability signals (click throughs, analytics feedback) to the engines
  • brand evangelism (people doing the marketing for you)
  • …which leads to, well, higher rankings and more search leads



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Ryan • 9 years ago

Hey, this is Ryan, the lead developer of Ubercart. Thanks for the shout-out and the video! I hope Ubercart continues to work well for you... it will only get better with time. : ) -Ryan

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Mike Shannon • 9 years ago

Ryan, thanks so much for the comment.  You and the team have done a great job of building the Ubercart module, we're all very much looking forward to future releases.

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Brian • 9 years ago

Mike...Awesome job with the web tutorial on Ubercart. You really gave a great break-down of the basics of the great Ubercart. I'm just starting out using this great Drupal "module" (its almost a separate system by itself) and it has helped so much for a project at work. Thanks again. ~ Brian

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