Current TikTok Trends Every Marketer Should Know

Tiktok Trends

Are you up to date with all the current TikTok trends?

If not, you could be missing out on infinite growth opportunities.

All social media channels have their own trends to consider, from new filters and exciting story elements on Instagram, to impressive pinning formats on Pinterest.

However, few platforms are more influenced by trends than TikTok.

TikTok trends are the fuel behind the social platform, keeping both brands and consumers engaged in an ever-changing selection of new creative ideas.

Knowing how to stay ahead of current TikTok trends is how you can make sure you’re connecting with your audience and priming your TikTok account for viral stardom.

Why Current TikTok Trends Are Important For Marketers

TikTok is quickly earning a reputation as the hottest social media platform around.

It started as an environment intended to attract younger customers, usually in the Gen Z region.

This young, digitally savvy audience formed the foundation of TikTok’s growth, and their passion for new, exciting examples of creativity is part of what makes TikTok so great today.

Unlike most social media platforms, TikTok revolves almost exclusively around trends.

Anyone can become a TikTok sensation overnight, just by following or creating a new trend.

You don’t need a specific number of followers to stand out – you just need to know what’s popular to more than over 800 million active users.

TikTok trends:

  • Help you reach your audience: Following specific trends that use certain sounds or hashtags makes it easier to find you on TikTok’s search engine.
  • Connect with your followers: Using a trend correctly builds affinity with your target audience. It’s a great way to show your company’s human side.
  • Improve your social presence: TikTok trends can make any company a sensation overnight, even if you don’t have many followers already.

How To Find Current Trends On TikTok

The biggest challenge of investing in current TikTok trends is knowing what’s popular at any given moment.

If you want your marketing strategy to work, you need to ensure you’re not always one step behind the competition when it comes to embracing new challenges and ideas.

Unfortunately, TikTok moves much faster than most other social channels.

A trend popular one day won’t necessarily be beneficial the next.

This is why it’s so important to keep track of what other influencers are doing.

Start by conducting a TikTok account search on the Discover page to find out who and what is currently trending on the app.

Finding influencers in your specific industry and following them is a great way to stay ahead of the curve with upcoming trends.

Remember to pay attention to the trending sounds on TikTok too – as these are often just as important as popular hashtags.

Top 8 Current TikTok Trends

Most TikTok trends start with TikTok influencers sharing an idea connected to a specific song or relevant topic.

Following some top influencers should give you a quick look into what’s trending on TikTok. You can also work with influencers to create new trends.

Some of the most popular TikTok trends right now include:

1.  Trackstars

Hashtag: #Trackstars

Sound: Track Star- Mooski

Top video:

The TikToker @CityBoyJ put the Track Star Mooski song on the map for all TikTok users in January, when he created a dance challenge based on the sound.

Months later, the popular song and challenge have transformed slightly, into a “runaway challenge.”

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To begin, you set your camera timer between five and ten seconds, then everyone tries to run out of the frame before the clock runs down and the camera snaps.

The people caught in the frame fail the challenge.

There’s also another “Trackstar” challenge which snaps a picture to see who runs the furthest within a certain number of seconds.

This would be a great option for a sporting company to show their athletic side.

2.  What I mean when I say I’m from

Hashtag: #WhereILive

Sound: What I mean when I say I’m from

Top video:

Though not a lot of people know where this particular current TikTok trend came from, it’s picked up a lot of attention in the last few months.

The trend is all about showing what life is like in your specific part of the world.

A lot of people use the trend humorously, often highlighting stereotypes, like Kangaroos in Australia, or Pizza in Italy.

This challenge is great for companies, as it’s a chance to show where your company came from, and why it’s such a valuable part of the local scene.

You could also use the trend to show where various materials came from in your manufacturing process.

3.  Hopeful for today

Hashtag: #HopefulforToday, #Hopefultrend

Sound: Hope by Twista

Top video:

The Hopeful trend, made popular by the song “Hope” by Twista, is a humorous TikTok trend focused on the difference between what we hope might happen one day, and what actually takes place.

Many people use this to show days when they’ve cheated on their diet or didn’t get the grades they wanted at school.

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If you’re a business, you can use this as a great way to showcase your products.

For instance, you might start the day hopeful you’re going to sell all of the ice cream in your store, then freeze the screen, and come back to a video of you eating a heaping sundae you couldn’t resist making for yourself.

4.  Cherry Bonbon

Hashtag: #Cherrybonbon, #CherryBon

Sound: Cherry Bonbon – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Top video:

This is an adorable TikTok trend, perfect for all kinds of companies.

The way you use this trend is to draw adorable stick figures or characters defined by specific descriptors, like “Girl who loves sleep” or “Guy who wants to get an A in math.”

With the tune of “Cherry BonBon” in the background, you use your stick-figure image to introduce the video, then show a reel of following pictures telling a relevant story.

As a business, you might start with a video of a “guy who loves bikes,” then follow with a series of pictures showing a customer browsing through your store in amazement.

5.  No Roots

Hashtag: #NoRoots #NoRootsChallenge 

Sound: Alice Merton – No roots

Top video:

This is one of the best current TikTok trends for companies, because it’s great for introducing the members of your team.

The trend involves introducing several people in a series of short clips, with freeze-frame moments where you add a description.

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For instance, you might have the “Office clown” followed by the “Marketing guy” and so on.

The best way to use this trend is to have a little fun.

The #NoRoots trend is often about giving people an insight into your group, but it’s also a chance to show your humorous side.

6.  Main Character

Hashtag: #MainCharacter #Notthemaincharacter  

Sound: Why’d you only call me when you’re high

Top video:

This TikTok trend is all about lamenting how you’re not always the “main character” of your own life.

Many TikTok influencers have used the trend to highlight how other people in their family or friend group get more attention than them.

As a business, this would be an excellent way to highlight your product as the “main character” by showing people fawning over that, rather than paying attention to you.

You could also take the same approach to make your customer the main character in a dramatized version of a sale.

7.  I’ll Never Forget You

Hashtag: #Illneverforgetyou #Ineverforget  

Sound: Never forget you – Noisettes

Top video:

A hilarious current TikTok trend is all about pulling attention to the people who make a big impact on your life #Neverforgetyou is a great way to highlight your customers, vendors, and partners.

Today’s TikTok influencers tend to use this trend as a way to draw attention to little things in their life that made a big impact on them, like someone opening the door for them at a store.

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As a business owner, this could be an amazing way to say thank you to the person who showed you how to make your latest YouTube video or even highlight a customer who gave you a positive shout-out with a great review.

8.  I was busy thinking about

Hashtag: #busythinkingabout  

Sound: I was busy thinking bout – Charli XCX

Top video:

Another fun and easy option among current TikTok trends, the #busythinkingabout trend is all about discussing what’s going on in your head.

People have used the trend as a way to pull attention to “shower thoughts” or things they’ve struggled to answer in the past.

This is a great opportunity for companies to share their thoughts about their products and provide some helpful information.

For instance, you could use “I was busy thinking ‘bout where our products came from,” then post some pictures of your distribution warehouses and suppliers.

Mastering TikTok Trends

Current TikTok trends are constantly changing, but there’s no shortage of great options out there for companies to take advantage of.

If you want to improve your chances of standing out on TikTok, start with the awesome trends mentioned above, and keep an eye out for new ideas as they appear.