Top Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Top Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Let’s say you own an outdoor furniture business. Your services include the sale of pool chair, outdoor bench, beach umbrella, etc. Naturally, when you create a website, you expect to increase sales.

But how to do that?

How to increase traffic on your site and, accordingly, the number of potential customers, you will learn in this article.

In this article, we will discuss several ways to increase website traffic:

  • Traffic promotion;
  • Article Marketing;
  • Сontextual advertising;
  • Thematic forums and blogs;
  • Social media.

Traffic promotion

SEO traffic is visitors who follow links from search engine results pages.

Since a well-assembled semantic core plays an important role in traffic promotion, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules when compiling it:

  1. The core should be complete and targeted as possible, containing a significant part of low-frequency queries;
  2. For commercial sites, it is necessary to focus on transactional requests (with the occurrence of the words “order rattan outdoor furniture“, “buy beach furniture”, “price”, “cost” in the case of the example site above);
  3. It is better to make a list of negative keywords, i.e. requests for which non-target visitors will come to you. For example, the site only offers new rattan outdoor furniture. For such a resource, the negative keywords will be “used”;
  4. It is necessary to regularly analyze the statistics of site visits and adjust the semantic core.

Article Marketing

Another great way to increase traffic is to post quality articles, news stories, and press releases in directories and marketplaces.

There are a great many websites on the Internet where you can publish articles and news related to your business for sometimes just for free.

Publish quality material related to your topic (e.g.” What To Place Near The House” if you are a designer or manufacturer of garden furniture) and don’t forget to put one or two backlinks to your site from the article or release.

This method will drive visitors to your site in the long run, as well as improve trust and increase website traffic.

Contextual advertising

Traffic from contextual advertising is users who went to the site through links from advertisements displayed on pages along with search results or on thematic sites.

Placing contextual advertising ensures that the target audience will see your site on the first page of the search results for the query they are interested in. This, accordingly, will increase the attendance of the resource at times.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. A well-composed list of requests is half the success of an advertising campaign. In this case, the advice regarding negative keywords is just as relevant as it is for traffic promotion. Don’t pay for untargeted clicks;
  2. Make ads on the principle of “less words – more meaning.” Avoid uninformative offers.

Thematic forums and blogs

Speaking of joint promotion, using the principles of co-marketing when promoting your site and outside of social networks, you will receive an additional number of visitors, which will increase constantly.

Find like-minded people on forums and blogs, post guest articles, do cross-interviews, mention each other in posts and mailing lists. This method takes a lot of time, but becomes a serious help in promotion.

Social media

kenny eliason I6wCDYW6ij8 unsplash

Marketing in social networks allows not only to increase the flow of users, but also to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and demand for products or services.

The most effective and popular ways to increase traffic to the site using SMM:

  1. Formation of brand groups and communities: attracting the target audience to them and then redirecting it to the site;
  2. Working with the blogosphere: placing advertising materials on the pages of popular blogs, maintaining interest in information, developing discussions in the comments;
  3. Hidden marketing on forums: posting recommendations, reviews about the company, its products and services on behalf of satisfied customers.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to increase website traffic online. As you can see, among them there are both paid and free methods, which, by the way, turn out to be no less effective.

By working hard and applying all of the above recommendations in a comprehensive manner, you will achieve excellent results.

The above practical tips will help to significantly increase website traffic and make the resource visible to search engines.