Once in a while I read craig’s list to see who’s offering what seo service at what price. There will be advertisements for "seo link building services" and a lot of the time you will hear people use the term "PageRank" or "PR" as an indication of a web page’s importance. They will say they can get you lots of links from high page ranking sites. This may be true, but why is it that nobody uses the term "cache date" as a page’s value indicator? It would seem the more often a spider caches or indexes a page, the more importance a search engine is giving the page since it is always checking for new updates – and checking a page’s cache date is easy, just click on the link that says "Cached" in the search results and look near the top of the page.

Take the example a high page ranking directory: uncover the net. It appears it has been dropped from the Google index. Try running a search for "site:uncoverthenet.com", you won’t get anything. Yet if you browse to their home page they still retain a high page rank. Uncover the net has a PR of 6! And since we know pages that are dropped from Google’s index don’t pass much link juice (or any) it would seem page rank is not a good indicator and these people advertising their link building services are either ignorant or just playing on the ignorance of people looking for "SEO" services.


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