A typical large business has a full digital marketing team with experts specializing in different areas. But most small to mid-sized businesses can’t afford a complete digital marketing team. So, oftentimes, they hire a marketing manager to run their entire marketing program. Yet tasking one person with everything from SEO …to social media …to content creation …to email marketing …while also expecting great results is unreasonable. It’s just not possible for one person to be an expert in everything.

That’s where we come in…

With Main Path, you’ll get a full outsourced team of digital marketing specialists, each focused on their particular area of expertise. For example, we have a distribution specialist who spends all day distributing your content and getting it published on high trafficked sites in your industry. This team of specialists is led by a dedicated digital marketing executive, who’s the most senior member of our team, and your main point of contact.

At Main Path, we aren’t guessing what will work with your campaigns; we’re extremely data driven. For example, we know that companies who blog 6 times per month will see 200% more traffic and leads compared to companies who only blog 3 times per month. We have dozens of these formulas that we employ to develop a marketing strategy that will give you the best chance of seeing a higher, and quicker, ROI.

Next, we execute that strategy, which starts with content. We’ll develop and repurpose your messages, in a variety of formats—such as blog posts, emails, paid ads, white papers, infographics—and then distribute those messages through the relationships our distribution specialists are establishing every day.

The sheer volume and quality of the content we distribute on behalf of all our clients, has allowed us to establish relationships with thousands of channels and partners, which most businesses aren’t able to establish on their own. We leverage these relationships, as well as the interconnectivity of all online channels, to articulate a consistent message and build a solid digital footprint for your business.

Then, every month, your dedicated marketing executive will report back on how we’re performing based on the key performance indicators your company cares about most. If we’re meeting our goals, then we talk about what’s working, and how we can continue to increase performance. If the goals are not where we expect them to be, then we’re going to talk about what’s not working …show the data behind why it’s not working … and provide specific recommendations to improve results.

As you can see, we’re not your typical digital marketing agency. With Main Path, every client gets the value of a full digital marketing team, and benefits from our data driven formulas, proprietary relationships and distribution channels, and executive level communication and analysis.

Contact us today to learn how Main Path’s unique approach can start driving results for your business.


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