What Makes a Good Booth at a Trade Show? The 8 Must-Have Criteria

What Makes a Good Booth at a Trade Show? The 8 Must-Have Criteria

In order to achieve success in business marketing and advertising are needed.

Most entrepreneurs’ first instinct when they are preparing to launch a marketing campaign is to focus on social media and the internet.

However, you can just as effectively market your business in the real world as you can online.

While it is a little trickier, places like trade shows make bringing exposure and attention to businesses much easier.

Setting up a trade show booth is easily the hardest part of advertising one’s business at them. Here’s how you can do that more easily:

Stand Construction

Of course, the most important feature of any trade booth is the stand itself. Until you have a professionally designed stand stepping foot in a trade show is unwise.

The creation of stands is not something that’s typically done independently. Instead, it is outsourced to expert companies with years of experience building people’s stands for them.

This exhibition stand builder in Dubai makes it very clear that you can get stands built for your upcoming trade show for a very affordable price. Always research stand builders before hiring them so you can make sure their services are worthwhile and that they offer good value for money.

Getting more for your money should be your main priority when spending is concerned.

Overall Design

Your stall’s construction isn’t the only thing that you need to think about how you are going to design it.

If it does not look good then people will not stop and talk to you; most stand construction companies also offer design services so if you hire one ask them to design it for you too.

Trade shows are great places to advertise your business and make sales. If nobody stops and talks to you then you won’t make any sales. Not making enough sales can negatively impact your company’s performance and chances of achieving financial success in the future.

You can use flyers, posters, and stickers to decorate and enhance your stall’s appearance.

You can hire a professional graphic designer to create advertising material for you. Ensure they are qualified and experienced so your flyers look their best.

Knowing Audience

Before attending any kind of networking or marketing event it’s important to do your research and learn who else is going to be in attendance.

Are the people that are going to be at the trade show you are going to business owners or clients? Some trade shows are only open to other businesses as they provide networking opportunities.

Others are frequented by consumers who’re interested in buying discounted products from the businesses attending the show.

The way that you design and market your stall depends largely upon who’s going to be attending the show.

Make sure that you look professional and have free merchandise and informative pamphlets regardless of the type of show that you are going to be attending.

Product Pricing

Once you have built and designed your stall you can then think about product pricing.

Most business owners that attend trade shows sell products too. You shouldn’t view a trade show as just an opportunity to market and advertise; trade shows are great places to negotiate deals and sell products.

However, at trade shows it is important that you don’t overprice items. Generally, you should price products a little lower than you normally would for retail.

Make sure that your prices are competitive so that you outperform any rivals that might be attending the trade show too.

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Distributing Merchandise

Most experts agree that trade shows are perfect places to give away merchandise.

Distributing merchandise at trade shows gives you the chance to show people what your products are like before they buy them.

You should allocate a spending budget for your trade show appearance and factor in the costs of merchandise and giving away product samples.

Giving these things away can be very expensive but can also help to spread your business’s name and build its reputation.

Generally, you should arrive with a fixed number of merchandise and sample items and make it clear to customers that there are limited numbers of them.

Manning Stall

Who do you want to man your stall and represent your business? Ideally, the people who’re representing you at your stall should be your business’s most talented employees.

It is best to avoid delegating stall care to employees whose attitudes are not good or who do not seem to care about their jobs.

You should attend the trade show yourself and use it as an opportunity to get to know other business owners in your niche. 

Open Stall

Your stall should be open, welcoming, and supportive of customers. If anybody expresses an interest in it then those manning it should make an effort to talk to them, advertising your products or services.

A good way to make your stall more welcoming is to hire young people to staff it. Young people tend to be more energetic and exuberant which can make enquiring about a business much more pleasurable.

Interactions with older people who’re less enthusiastic can be enough to deter customers from wanting to have anything to do with you.

Using Cards

Giving people merchandise and discounted items is all good and well but it won’t have a meaningful impact on your company’s successes if you don’t give people cards telling them everything they need to know about your company as well.

Make sure you include your personal work email address when you give cards out to other business owners or industry clients, i.e., customers purchasing products in bulk.

You need a graphic designer’s help if you are planning on creating cards as poor design can ruin your chances of making sales and promoting your business.

Make sure that all of the information listed on the cards you are giving away is up-to-date and relevant.

Trade shows are great places to go if you want to advertise and sell products; if you don’t carefully organise and arrange your stall then you won’t be able to get the most out of your trade show appearances, however.

Work with a professional graphic designer and a stall creator so you can make an impact on customers and those in attendance.

Ask customers to give you feedback if you can so you can work on improving your stall for future trade show appearances.