One thing we can always count on during blockbuster movie season is the films’ extra-large marketing budgets. The Dark Knight Rises, released this past weekend, is one of those movies. Not only does it have millions of dollars pumped into traditional marketing, but as with most movies of this type, it has a significant social media presence. In spite of the good chunk of change they’re spending, there are basic and often overlooked social media tips The Dark Knight Rises can teach any business owner.

Give the People What They Want

The first thing I noticed when looking over the social media profiles for TDKR is that despite the secrecy surrounding the movie there was a vast amount of information and media for the fans to view. This follows my first rule for social media: give the people what they want.

The TDKR followed this guideline perfectly. In addition to releasing countless trailers leading up to the premier, the studio released a 13-minute mashup video of different scenes. With the amount of secrecy around this movie, the release of this video was nothing to scoff at.


One of the things the people wanted with TDKR was information about the movie. In the next example they engaged the public to get that information–which is the whole reason to have social media presence in the first place. The release of one of the trailers was dependant solely on the public. In order to view the trailer, fans had to locate, photograph, and upload photos of Batman-related graffiti placed all over the word to Twitter. When these photos were uploaded a new frame of the trailer would be unlocked. This continued until the whole trailer was released with the help and interaction of people all over the world just through Twitter.

Now you may not have the resources to pull off what TDKR was able to do but the simple idea of giving your customers/fans what they want can be applied to any business. Simply having a presence and only posting “press releases” is not enough. People don’t want to be talked at they want to be interacted and engaged with and the quickest way to do this is by finding out what interests them and catering to that.


After looking at their Facebook page I noticed that they had great consistency in postings and interactions. This brings me to the second rule we can learn about social media from TDKR: consistency wins the race.

On their Facebook page they would post new images/trailers/information about the movie and its happenings at least once a day or every few days. The thing to take from this is not the amount of postings but that they kept up that frequency for months on end. When you consistently post tidbits your followers want to see, you’re not just an annoying brand bombarding their news feed; you’re a valuable source of the good stuff.

Own Your Platform

Finally my TDKR social media review brings me to the last rule of social media that I think more businesses need to follow: pick one social media platform and own it.

You’ll notice in the above image that the main movie website is only promoting its Facebook page. That’s because despite all the millions of dollars in the marketing budget, there is no official Twitter page for the movie. They didn’t forget Twitter; they just had their fans do the talking for them as was evident with the trailer release I discussed. So they’ve taken an active role in Facebook and dedicated all of their official messaging and interaction through that and their website.

They get that you don’t want to spread yourself too thin managing multiple conversations across multiple platforms. So they decided to do Facebook and do it very well. This can easily be applied to any small business, especially since the resources for social media management are, I’m sure, scarce to begin with.

You may not have the millions of dollars and man hours to devote to your social media campaigns like TDKR, but if you can give your customers what they want or what interests them and do so consistently, you have an excellent social media campaign in the making.


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