As an active social media user you are always looking for ways to be more efficient, and maximize your time online. I’ve been juggling browsers around constantly looking for optimum speeds, tweaking them when necessary, and primarily using Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera when browsing online. I would say Firefox has been my default browser for the last year or more, but I’ve recently shifted my use to Flock. Flock is built on the open source Firefox platform, and is known as the social web browser with amazing usability features for dynamic social media users. Below is a list of Flock’s key features and tools to make your social experience even better. Go Social or go home!

Media Mini-Bar

The media mini-bar is one of my favorite features. It allows you to preview videos, photos, and other media files instantly. It makes your experience more interactive and easy to browse your favorite stories on the fly. Below is a screen shot of flock’s media mini-bar. It is very similar to the People sidebar which allows you to see your friend’s activity, status changes, diggs, etc.

My World page

You can customize your my world page with all your favorite flock tools, rss feeds, media streams, and social friend activity. This makes it easy to access all your favorite information with one click!

Track Feeds

Flock has a built in ATOM or RSS feed tracker which makes it very easy to add your favorite feeds to your flock browser. When you visit a site that offers a feed, the yellow feed icon will glow orange. It can be added to your feed list with an easy click.


Easily access your Gmail, AOL Mail, or Yahoo! Mail on the fly. Click the mailbox icon on the toolbar to view new e-mail messages along with a shortcut to compose a new message.

Personal Accounts

Flock allows you to manage all your social media accounts and services; this includes compatibility of the an extensive list services, please refer to the image on the left. Once you’ve logged into to your social media accounts, you can access the people bar and it will give you all your friends activity, as well as your own.


Flock is a hybrid of Firefox, meaning all the plug ins you have for Firefox can be added to your Flock browser. Below is a list of my favorite social plug ins for Flock:

Shareaholic – This is by far my favorite add-ons for Flock or Firefox. It gives you the ability to share a story across any of the following networks instantly. Refer to the image on the left for a list of social networks offered. Hopefully Shareaholic will add Propeller and Yahoo Buzz to its network soon.

Greasemonkey – This add-on has become very popular in the past year. It allows you to use 3rd party scripts to enhance your user experience while accessing social networking sites. Refer to Read Write Web’s post: Greasemonkey Scripts For the Social Media Addict for an extensive list of popular social media scripts. In recent news, there has been some bad publicity on about using scripts to automatically digg stories and shouts. This resulted in the banning of hundreds of Digg users, including some of Diggs elite top 100 users. The scripts were developed to make your life easier – it’s not a good idea to abuse them, so use with caution.

StumbleUpon – Stumble the most popular websites online with toolbar. You can easily access your stumble favorites, friends, inbox, or simply stumble some random websites. This is by far the best way to discover unique web pages, that you would have never found if it weren’t for StumbleUpon.


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jamesLO • 10 years ago

Although I'm not a big fan of browser sniffing - , I can see how this sort of thing might come in handy from time to time. I'd suggest pulling the script out of the $(document).ready() function, though, and adding the class to the html element rather than to the body. This way you can avoid the flash of unstyled content that can occur with complex DOM structures.

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