You have no doubt heard about the many benefits that blogging on a regular basis can have for your website.  However, finding time to put together an interesting post that will be entertaining and useful to readers can be a daunting task for anyone- especially busy business owners with several things on their plate.  I regularly work with clients who were diligent in posting during the first few weeks of their blog going live, but began lagging as more pressing issues came up.  I also have clients ask me on a regular basis, "How often should we be blogging?".  The quick answer to this is as often as possible.  In a business world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle tasks, it’s important to understand the full benefits of blogging, and why you should be blogging more.

Blogging Shows Search Engines Your Site Updates Regularly

Search engines want to serve up sites that are constantly updated with fresh, relevant content.  Blogging regularly will show the engines that your site is a good resource for new content in whatever niche you’re in.  As your site is continually recognized as a legit source of useful information, the engines will be more likely to display your site in search results for relevant queries.  Updating your site with new content on a regular basis can also increase the frequency with which engines crawl your site, and an increased frequency or recent cache date can be a big sign of trust.


Blogging is an Easy Way to Increase the Size of Your Site

Each time you post a blog, you are adding a new page to your site.  Adding to your site’s page total allows for more pages to be indexed by search engines.  Basically, you putting more "tickets" in the search lottery.  More tickets means more opportunities to rank for a larger number of search queries.  It is also a great way to earn some weighted search listings (mutiple pages from one domain ranking for the same search query).


Blogging Provides a Way to Directly Communicate with Your Target Audience

Unlike the static content on your site, blogging is a much more interactive medium for reaching potential cutomers.  Blogs provide a platform for readers to ask questions, raise concerns, or share ideas via comments.  You as the author, as well as other readers, can respond to these comments, thus creating constructive dialogue with your target audience.  Not only is this a great way to build customer loyalty by presenting yourself as a "real" person who is accessible and willing to interact with customers, but it is also another way help bring in new business through word of mouth advertising that might come as result of positive reader comments, discussions, etc.

Blogging Adds a More "Personal" Feel to Business and Ecommerce Sites

For businesses that do most (or all) of their selling online, it can be difficult for customers to feel a "connection" with your company.  There is no real customer service that goes on during an online purchase, which can ultimately hinder your return business numbers.  Blogging fills the gap that not having a brick and mortar location may create.  By demonstrating to visitors that there is in fact a real person behind the products, you can help alleviate some concerns they may have.

Blogging Allows You to Demonstrate Your Expertise

Blogging is an excellent way to show visitors that you are an expert in your field.  Whether you write about the latest industry news, address a pressing issue, or touch on upcoming products, you can untilize your blog to show people you really know what you are talking about.  More importantly, demonstrating your industry knowledge can really come in handy when dealing with comparison shoppers, who most likely will have visited several of your competitors site in addition to yours.  If you are able to position yourself as a better source of knowledge (either because your competitors didn’t write well- or better yet, don’t have a blog at all), you will have more credibility and a much better shot at landing business than your competition.




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