Developing content is an art form in itself. It takes careful planning, an infinite amount of research, and precise diction that not only relates to your target audience, but grabs them, changes the way they think, and inspires them to take an action.

Whether the action you want to inspire is a “like” on Facebook, a “share” on LinkedIn, a mention on Forbes, a form fill on your site, or a full-on purchase of your product or service, content can accomplish all of this, and more – but only if there is an initial attraction.

So what exactly is “attractive” content in the digital marketing world?

Content marketers define it as graphically designed infographics, slideshows, e-books, video animations, etc. And, believe it or not, our attraction to those pieces of content is innate. So in order to fully understand the power of these pieces, let’s start by taking a look at the brain.

The Psychology of Visual Attraction

Think about your typical day and what you do: go for a run, talk with family members, work on the computer, attend meetings, go out to dinner, read before bed – 90% of the information your brain takes in from each of these activities is visual. In part, because out of all of our sensory receptors – touch, hear, taste, smell, see – 70% of those are located in our eyes.

Hubspot’s infographics – “12 Reasons to Integrate Visual Content Into your Marketing Campaigns” and “The Power of Visual Content” – highlight this incredible attraction our brains have to visual things – in this case, visual content.

According to Hubspot’s research, visual data is effective at grabbing people’s attention because of the speed at which our brain is able to process visual information. In fact, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than simple black and white text.

And not only is visual content processed faster, but it’s retained! Our brain can remember 80% of what we see and do, while only remembering 20% of what we read. So why not help your audience experience your content through graphics and images? Tap into the part of their brain that craves visual stimulation!

Harness Human Nature in Your Content Marketing

A quote from Marketing Mindscape about the power of logo design holds true for other forms of visual content as well. It’s about creating a “mutual engagement between the imagery and the viewer.” That mutual engagement allows your audience to connect with your brand on a personal level and can even evoke an emotion – which is a potent and invisible buying-influencer.

Let’s take a look at the statistics behind how influential graphics can be in your content marketing campaign:

  • Infographics are read 30x more than text-based content.
  • Visually compelling information receives up to 94% more views online.
  • Attractive information entertains 65% more engagement on Facebook.
  • Sites that feature infographics have 12% faster traffic growth than those that don’t.

Due to their obvious popularity, our attraction to graphics has surpassed our subconscious – we are aware that we like them! Which is why the word “Infographics” gets 40,500 exact-match searches on Google each month, and the word “Infographic” gets 27,100! The only question left is, “How can I get started?” – RelationEdge Digital Agency is here to help.

RelationEdge Digital Agency produces virtually every type of visual content and strategically embeds them into your digital marketing strategy. Because we’ve discovered that simply having a text-filled blog is not enough. A truly successful content marketing strategy needs to leverage the power of each piece of content using a multi-channel approach. We use our graphic-based content to increase your social engagement, establish your brand, drive organic traffic to your site, generate relationships with relevant third-party sites, and more.

Visually attractive, high-quality content targets your audience, grabs their attention, and inspires them to act – creating an impressive and effective content marketing strategy for your company’s digital campaign.


Want to take your visual content to the next level? Get in touch with us today.


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