In episode 094 of Win the Web we remember the 5-year-old rumor that the Mormon Church was planning to buy Facebook. We share an unfortunate story about an NBA player who posted a photo of his new tattoo of… a typo. Our “Internet Marketing Superstar” is Facebook’s shared photo album feature,  “The Toolshed” features a new tool for data:, and the “Brainstorm” is all about content calendars.

Click the link above or listen right here:

  • Welcome and Updates (0:00)
  • Beginning of Time… 5 Years Ago – Mormon Church Facebook Rumor (9:14)
  • Don’t Do It –  NBA Player Posts Tattoo with Typo  (13:15)
  • Internet Marketing Superstars – Facebook Announces Shared Photo Albums (17:07)
  • The Toolshed – (23:05)
  • The Brainstorm – Content Calendar Basics (28:50)

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