Episode 038: Win the Web Internet Marketing Podcast 038 – Space Jam, Toolparty and Mobile SEO.

On episode 038 of Win The Web, Andrew and Alan discuss a political dog liking a couple of broke girl, how a Facebook graffiti artist makes millions for not getting paid to spray paint walls, Mobile SEO and the difference between mobile and desktop search, as well as the Toolshed – Toolparty, Bring your floaties!

Highlights from the chat:

  • Stitcher has updated search to transcribe podcasts. You can find what you’re looking for word for word.
  • Shoutout to Win The Web fan, Carlyle Dave, who hopefully thinks we have more than 100 fans.
  • Breaking the rules to visit Andrew’s childhood online! The movie, Space Jam, still has it’s original site up from 1996.
  • Mr. Labrador’s 14 seconds of political scrutiny; he “likey” 2 Broke Girls!
  • How David Choe, a Facebook Graffiti artist, is now worth $200 Million after Facebook went public.
  • It’s a Toolshed – Toolparty! Alan has exciting dreams of Niche Search Engine Tools!
    • Zanran – data and statistics
    • Wolfram Alpha – the world’s facts and data
    • Omgili – forums and boards
    • Topsy – content published on Twitter and the web
    • Find Sounds – sample sounds and sound effects
    • Daily Wav – sample sounds and sound effects
  • Mobile web traffic is a big deal! What is the evolution of mobile and the SEO industry?
  • Table of differences between mobile and desktop SEO. Fewer/shorter keywords, optimizing business local locations and following your analytics to find out where your target market is coming from.
  • Mobile apps waste data usage. Andrew is moving to Sprint!

People mentioned:
Carlyle David, David Choe, Mark Zuckerberg, Raul Labrador

Resources Mentioned:
Zanran, Wolfram Alpha, Omgili, Topsy, Find Sounds, Daily Wav

Tweet-worthy mentions:
A Facebook Graffiti Artist becomes a Millionaire!
Visiting your childhood! The 1996 original website from the movie Space Jam is still up! Wow! http://www2.warnerbros.com/spacejam/movie/jam.htm

It’s a Toolshed-Toolparty! Alan Bush from Win The Web dreams of Niche Search Engine Tools for data, sounds, published content, etc.

14 seconds of political scrutiny for liking 2 Broke Girls. A Win The Web Don’t Do It!


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