The fourteenth release of WordPress, the open source content management system, is now available. Codenamed "Reinhartdt," you can either download the update on or simply log on to your WordPress site and update from the Dashboard. Before updating, be sure to back up your WordPress database and files just to be on the safe side.

Here are some of the new features with the update:

Streamlined writing interface
The refreshed writing interface lends for a more clutter-free writing experience. This update feels slick and speedy.

Redesigned linking workflow
This new feature will allow content authors to find and link to existing published content. In previous versions of WordPress, it was inefficient to link content together in a WordPress site. The ideal scenario for bloggers to link pages together was by copying and pasting the URL of an existing page. Now, you can select the text that you want to link, click on the link icon, and search for existing content that resides in your WordPress site.

Admin bar
Similar to the admin bar that’s featured on blogs, the new admin bar allows the user to navigate to most-used dashboard pages with just one click away. The admin bar contains links or menu items that lets you get to the dashboard, add a new post/page, see comments, and alter appearance.

Refreshed blue admin scheme
Even though this revamp of color scheme is subtle, it’s an appropriate and beneficial refresh. It puts more focus on your content when logged in on WordPress.

Post Formats support
This feature allows the WordPress site to create portable tumblelogs with different styling for different types of posts. The options are Standard, Aside and Gallery.

Import/Export feature overhaul
This update allows for adding author information, better handling of taxonomies and terms, and improved support for navigation menus.

Perform advanced taxonomy and custom field queries
This addition will be a big plus for WordPress developers. This feature will enable the developers to create more meaningful themes and plugins.

It may seem like WordPress 3.1 is a subtle update but this refresh definitely makes WordPress a more wholesome CMS.

According to the creator of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, this update is one of the best since the release of the system. If you’re running WordPress on your site and have updated to the latest version, let me know your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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