As you may know, Yahoo and Bing have strategically partnered up to provide the same search results. Yes, Google still dominates the search market, but when the two merge they’ll deliver approximately 24.3% of all searches, numbers by
Last week, Yahoo announced that they were now testing Bing’s search data, combining forces to provide the same search results in their index. This will only affect organic search results for the time being, leaving all local business results, real time results, and new results unaffected.
In the coming months, Yahoo will be integrating Microsoft’s mobile organic and paid search listings throughout the United States and Canada. Microsoft Bing will eventually deploy all organic and paid search listings for Yahoo mobile users.
As a search marketing firm, we closely monitor our client’s sites on a daily basis. We always strive to achieve the best search engine ranking results for the top search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We’ve noticed several major ranking changes in Yahoo and Bing search results over the last week. Please refer to the examples below.

How many spaces after a period? Bing | Yahoo!


Diablo 3 Bing | Yahoo!


Reddit Bing | Yahoo!

Once Yahoo and Bing completely merge their search results, we’ll only have two primary search engines delivering high search numbers. My point is… don’t sleep on YaBing, because you could be missing out on great traffic, business, and ultimately $$$.


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