It’s a known fact that Google’s mission is to index (or read) web pages with the hopes of providing the most relevant content to its search customers. But how many websites can Google possibly index? All of them?? HA!! That is a monumental feat even beyond the oh-so powerful Google. The fact is that many websites are part of the invisible web (or deep web); these websites are sitting out there in la-la land with no visible web(sites) linked to them. This means that no matter how relevant these invisible websites are they will never show up on Google, or any other search engine, without some help.

There’s a very interesting article by Raj Dash on this subject; read the full article here.

The invisible web is much larger than the visible chunk. This means that only a small portion of all web pages are actually being indexed by the major search engines on a regular basis. If your business website is not being indexed, and thus is not visible to potential customers, then you are not maximizing your profits. There are many ways to make your website visible to the millions of consumers who search on a daily basis. Raj lists several ways to do this in his article referenced above, but these are only a fraction of the steps necessary in order to get your website the Best Rank possible.

Don’t be content with languishing in the invisible web; make your website visible. Take the steps necessary so that search engines like Google can index your page. If you are unsure of how to do this or you simply don’t have the time, then please contact us here and we can help resurrect your website into the visible kingdom of the web.


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