Well, it’s finally here—the ability to place a customized header on your YouTube channel! Earlier this month, Google announced that “One Channel” would be available to all YouTube users. With the redesigned format, YouTube channel owners can now implement a wide array of aesthetic add-ons and features to their YouTube channels.

Among these new features, some of the highlights include:

  • Ability to display a trailer to non-subscribing visitors who land on your channel page, which can help turn them into subscribers
  • Implementation of “Channel Art”
  • Customized organization of videos and playlists geared toward improved programming

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the more popular new features available with One Channel.

Improved Display and Branding Capabilities

Perhaps the most obvious upgrade with One Channel is the ability to create a lasting branding message when a visitor lands on your channel page. Aesthetically, the major changes include the ability to show a unique video trailer to non-subscribing visitors, along with the improved use of channel art.

More specifically, YouTube One Channel owners will now be able to create a big, bold header image on their channel pages—something that was missing from the old channel pages. This is a big step in the right direction for both individuals and companies looking to build their brand awareness through their YouTube channels.

A few examples of YouTube users' header designs.

Image from www.youtube.com/onechannel


Another bonus to the updated look and feel deals with display and scaling on multiple devices. According to the YouTube Creator Blog, “Unlike the branding on the old channels, [channel art] will look good across all screens and devices, no matter how big or small.”

One Channel allows for responsive design across all devices.

Image from www.youtube.com/onechannel


This shift toward a more visually driven user experience is in line with the design aspects and layout of Google+. Frequent Google+ profile users will recognize very similar functionality with the new YouTube One Channel features. Additionally, Google plans to integrate Google+ with One Channel to further promote the social sharing capabilities for channel owners.

Better Organization of Videos and Playlists

Improving the brand-building and marketing use of YouTube channels, One Channel provides owners the opportunity to customize the arrangement of their videos and playlists. This means that owners can control what visitors see when they arrive on a channel page, and they can present visitors with the latest or most relevant video content. By grouping certain videos together, One Channel owners can customize the viewing experience of each person that visits their page.

Easy-to-Use Features

One of the best things about One Channel is that all of the new features are very easy to use, especially for experienced YouTube channel owners. Setting up your One Channel header, for example, is as simple as uploading an image, using the autocrop feature to select the desired part of the image, and placing it on your channel! It should be noted that Google recommends uploading quite a large image—2120 x 1192 pixels—for optimal results. Another added benefit that makes things easier for YouTube channel owners is that all of their channel art is automatically scaled to properly display on screens of various sizes.

Intuitive organizational tools have also been included in the YouTube One Channel redesign. With these organizational tools, videos and playlists can be quickly categorized using tags, drop-down menus, or by simply dragging and dropping.

Getting Started with YouTube One Channel

If you are an avid YouTube channel user or a business seeking to expand their online presence through video promotion, the new layout and improved features of One Channel provide just what you are looking for. Getting started with a One Channel account is easy. Simply log in to your current YouTube channel, click the button toward the bottom to switch to the new One Channel layout. YouTube takes care of all the tricky content migration, and even provides you with a walk-through of the new features.

For now, users can switch back to the old YouTube channel version if they wish, but they should work on getting used to the layout of One Channel. Based on the direction we are seeing Google take products like Google+ and now One Channel, it is likely going to be the new standard for Google product function and design.


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