Free Starbucks: How to Get Free Coffee at the Popular Place

Free Starbucks: How to Get Free Coffee at the Popular Place

Starbucks is a popular place to get coffee.

Everyone knows that. But did you know there are lots of ways to get free Starbucks coffee?

There are Starbucks coupons, Starbucks rewards, and Starbucks deals that make your drink affordable! 

In this article, we’ll go over how you can get free Starbucks drinks from the most popular coffee chain in the world.

How to Get Free Starbucks Coffee Today?

Starbucks has a notorious reputation for being an expensive place with excellent drinks.

But, that alone didn’t help the company become such a huge brand.

They care about their customers a lot. So, they offer them various incentives to make their drinks more affordable. 

For some reason, customers are unaware of how to get their drinks at a lower price.

It is due to the way they buy their coffee. Often, they purchase their drinks via drive-through purchases.

Or, they may come in for a quick refreshment and move on with their activities. 

Instead, you may profit if you were to use the Starbucks app and its following amenities.

For example, you can get a Starbucks VISA card and an account to earn free drinks as rewards. 

Aside from that, there are constant coupons, promotions, and discounts available through the app.

Finally, other programs offer you coupons and promotions for Starbucks drinks. 

So these are all the ways you can get a free drink at Starbucks. And people love getting free stuff. If that is something that attracts you, then you should consider becoming a brand ambassador.

Starbucks Rewards Program

If you are a regular visitor of Starbucks, you should enter their rewards program.

There are numerous benefits to being a member, and getting a free drink is just one of them. 

The true benefit of participating in the rewards program is that it makes your purchases more affordable.

For example, you get two stars for every dollar spent at Starbucks.

That is an excellent thing when you know that you can get a free drink for only 25 stars! 

Thus, you can mix and pair various methods on this list to get free Starbucks drinks more often.  

Use the Starbucks App 

After you register for the Starbucks rewards program, download the Starbucks app.

The Starbucks app allows you to load the money on your Starbucks account and make purchases. 

The benefit of the app is that it allows you to track promotions and rewards.

When you download the app, you get notifications about discounts and coupons you may use for free drinks. 

Also, the app allows you to track the number of stars you have.

Thus, you may calculate how and when to buy drinks to make your visit to Starbucks more affordable.  

Starbucks VISA 

Next, get a Starbucks VISA card.

You can apply for the VISA and get it after the approval process. 

Once you get the card, you may use it for any purchases.

If you spend 500$ on anything in the first 3 months, you get 2500 stars for your Starbucks rewards program.

You can spend money on anything, including groceries, shopping, and gas. 

So, for 500$ you would spend anyway, you may get 20 free drinks.

Use the VISA with other features to hack your way to more free drinks! 

Register for Free Refills

Another thing you can do is to get free refills when you pay for drinks with a Starbucks card or app.

That isn’t a huge secret or anything it is just something customers rarely utilize. 

You may get a free refill for brewed coffee and tea. However, you can get these refills only in the store where you make the first purchase.

So, the refills are available as long as you stay in the same Starbucks spot. 

Once you leave the store, you lose your right to refills unless you make another purchase. And note that you are unable to get the refills for the drive-thru purchases. 

Free Promotions 

Another thing to keep in mind is the free promotions.

There are several ways to get these promotions, as you can learn about them through official Starbucks notifications. 

These may come from season to season or on a month-to-month basis.

If you use the app or follow Starbucks social media accounts, you get notifications right away.

The only thing you have to do is to visit the store and use the promotion. 

However, these promotions are seasonal. So, treat them as a once in a while chance to get a free drink! 

Birthday Drink 

When you register with Starbucks, you can get a free drink on your birthday.

All you have to do is to visit the store and claim the birthday offer. 

The offer is available within 30 days of your birthday. You are eligible to get any drink for free as long as you order it on your birthday.

If you, for some reason can’t order on that day, send an email to their customer service. 

They are going to extend the period and let you cash on your freebie at a later date.  


These were the methods you can use with Starbucks.

But, the best thing about the free drink hack is that you can look outside of Starbucks for those drinks. 

There are several gift cards to apply for, and the most notable are SwagBucks, Opinion Outposts, and LifePoints.

These platforms offer you to earn money in the form of gift cards if you do surveys. You can also use the money from gift card balance and transfer it to bank account.

That is a fast and inexpensive way to get more free drinks. 

You may wait for a bus and do a survey or to, and get money for your iced coffee.  

Cashback Rewards 

Cashback rewards are usually available as a part of various loyalty programs.

Depending on the shopping services you use, you may get a bonus as free drinks or coupons for Starbucks. 

Most information about cash back rewards you get when you sign up for the program.

So, keep looking for Starbucks rewards and make your favorite drink more affordable. 

Also, there is another way you can get more from the cashback rewards.  

Other Loyalty Programs 

Some loyalty programs, from companies like Rakuten, offer coupons for Starbucks as a bonus.

These coupons come as a promotion for the services you use. 

For example, regular buyers may get products for a lower price.

But, as a part of that package or loyalty program, they may get a coupon for another product.

While this isn’t the best possible way to get a free drink, it may come in handy. 

There is also another way to get a free drink. At least, if you have some money and no other options.  

Bring Your Cup

You can get a discount of 10 cents if you bring your cup to your favorite Starbucks.

The usual trick, most people are unaware of, is to bring a 20-ounce cup. 

When you bring a 20-ounce cup and you order a tall or grande coffee, you get free coffee.

There you have, these are the ways to get a free coffee at Starbucks.  

Now, to start with your free drinks, visit the FAQ section and find out how to set and use the Starbucks app.  

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Starbucks app is a rather straightforward application.

It offers a decent user experience, and you can navigate it without hassle.

There are few key things to know before you start using it to get your drinks.  

How to Use Starbucks App?

The first thing you want to do is to download the app.

You can get the app from the Starbucks website, or get it from Google Play Store.

Once you download the app, log in to the app and create an account. 

If you had an account previously, log into that account.

Enter all relevant information, such as payment information, or add gift cards.

In any case, you should add funds to your account to shop. 

When you use the app for the first time, you won’t have any stars to purchase additional drinks.

Make sure to perform all other purchases through the app to earn Stars. Stars are the currency or tokens which you use for free drinks. 

There are several ways to earn stars.

The first way is to make purchases through apps. The second is to participate in games and promotions. And, third is to get a Starbucks VISA card. 

The problem with the app is that you have to make actual purchases to earn the stars for rewards. 

The rule is that you get 1 star per 1$ spent through the app.

However, you get 1 star per 1$ loaded into the VISA card from Starbucks. And, you get 2 stars for 1$ spent through a VISA card. 

Thus, the fastest way to get stars is to download the app and apply for the Starbucks VISA card.

The thing about the VISA card is that you can use it in physical stores and for pre-purchases alike. 

If you are unable to get the VISA card right away, use the app to earn the stars.

Once you get enough stars, it’s time to take your rewards 

How to Use Starbucks Rewards on App?

There are several types of rewards you get from stars. There are five rewards in total, and you can get each when you earn enough stars. 

First, there is a 25-star reward.

It is a reward that allows you to customize your drink.

For example, you may purchase a drink and add more dairy or syrup to enhance the taste.

Unlike other rewards, a 25-star reward is the only reward without a meal on the side. 

The 50-star reward is much more handsome. It is a reward that gives you a cup of tea or coffee alongside a cake.

For this reward, you may get an almond croissant or coffee cake. It is worth it as a quick bite and refreshment. 

The 150-star reward is on another level.

It gives you a chance to choose among a parfait, handcrafted drink, or hot breakfast.

With this reward, you may get something pricier for free and enjoy it alongside a drink. 

The 200-star reward gives you a chance to enjoy a complete meal. With this reward, you may choose among a salad, sandwich, or protein box.

Each meal is tasty and healthy, and it is going to keep you full throughout the day. 

The 400-star reward is the last reward on the list. It is a reward that allows you to take your favorite drink in a specific merchandise.

You may take home a custom cup, a bag of coffee, or other coffee paraphernalia of your choice. 

Also, earning stars offer you a chance to win other freebies. Those freebies include free birthday drinks and endless refills.

Thus, those are all the things you can get through the reward system available through the app.  

Do I Get Stars for Buying Starbucks Gift Cards?

Another thing you can do is to get stars from buying and using gift cards. Gift cards are available through the Starbucks store.

Also, you may purchase them online, and you can also purchase them in a bulk. 

Gift cards have a creative design, and you can buy them for other people. Aside from the design, they have another perk.

For example, you get 2 stars for each 1$ you load into your app account for purchases. 

And, gift cards are available in the value of 25$, 50$, or 100$.

You can also specify a custom value and send the gift card to a specific email.  

Get  Free Coffee at Starbucks

There you have, these are all the ways you can get a free drink at Starbucks.

The best thing you can do is to download the app and continue using it for all purchases. 

All it takes is some discipline.

After a while, you earn enough stars to enjoy whole meals and your favorite drinks.

Make the most of your Starbucks account!