11 Survey Junkie Hacks To Help You Make More Money

Survey Junkie Hacks

Learning new ways to earn extra income is a single Google search away.

However, most of them aren’t worth your time. 

The truth is that most people want to earn extra income without much hassle.

Taking a part-time job or doing a side hustle is not often an option.

Instead, people want to do tasks that take less time and allow them to earn a decent income. That’s why we have, essentially, created this guide that shows you how to make $200 in a day, fast!

What Is Survey Junkie?

You probably know about Survey Junkie or at least heard about the platform. It is a website that allows you to register and earn Paypal money by playing games and completing surveys. 

If you want a broader explanation, it is a website that helps you earn money by helping companies learn more about their customers.

Companies partner up with Survey Junkie to get fresh feedback on their offers, products, and services. 

Also, companies can get more information before they launch their product.

Instead of paying for expensive research, companies can get an instant response and improve their offers. 

Survey participants get an incentive to earn due to the simplicity of the tasks.

With little effort and hacks, you can earn extra income to improve your finances. 

Think about it as something you can do when you have extra time.

Instead of scrolling your social media feed, you can increase your income.

And, you multiply that income if you do all tasks from a single account.

So, Survey Junkie is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money with little discipline and effort.

How Does Survey Junkie Work?

Survey Junkie operates on a simple premise.

First, companies are looking to get feedback on their products.

Then, there is the Survey Junkie, organizing the surveys for users to complete.

And, there are you, completing the surveys and earning money. 

You start earning with Survey Junkie as soon as you sign up. However, there are additional ways to earn money with Survey Junkie. 

There are casino games, online shopping deals, and codes to use.

But, there is a reason why you should focus on surveys alone.

Surveys are worth more when you compare them with other paid offers on the platform. 

Each task you complete is worth a specific amount of points.

You can use those points for purchases, gift cards, or turn them into cash.

Once you get a certain amount of money, transfer it to your PayPal account and that is it. 

Aside from that, there are no specific or secretive things to know about the platform.

There are a ton of reviews online to check and compare. And, of course, to ascertain the credibility of the platform. 

But, there is another thing you should know.

While this article is about Survey Junkie hacks, it is not about the actual hacking of the platform.  

How To Trick Surveys Into Completion? 

The secret behind tricking surveys into completion is to avoid doing that at all.

While there are ways to do so, there are several reasons not to. 

First, to trick surveys, you need some hacking or web development experience.

A rookie with an average understanding of the web won’t pull it off.

Tricking requires scripts, knowing how to modify a browser, and other things. 

Second, it takes away the whole point of doing the survey. Survey Junkies pay you for the actual answers.

Your feedback is valuable since it shows a real human reaction to a company’s problems.

Instead of trying to hack your way around it, do the work the company pays you to do. 

Finally, if you decide to trick the survey, you fail to earn more money.

The platform has its security protocols to stop bots and malicious online behavior.

From their standpoint, they could use the bots without your help. But, the thing is that they need actual human interaction to make their service usable to the clients. 

With that, you are ready to learn how to hack the Survey Junkie platform.  

11 Survey Junkie Hacks 

The thing about Survey Junkie hacks is to learn how to use the platform. It is about being alert about new surveys, doing them fast, and building your account.

And, most of all, being aware of how much money you can earn with the platform. 

Another thing to think about is how much money you want to earn and how much time you are willing to spend on Survey Junkies.

Even with the hacks, the more time you spend on the platform, the more you can earn. 

Once you define that, start using the hacks and making money with Survey Junkies.  

1. Use a Specific Email Account 

First, create a specific email account for Survey Junkies.

You want to easily access all relevant data, and comb through emails to find important surveys. 

Hacking the platform is all about fast reactions.

You want to act fast and do the rewarding surveys before they expire. Also, you want to keep in mind potential offers and promotions and use them right away. 

To succeed with this hack, you need to structure your approach. Make sure to check your email account at least a few times a day.  

2. Define an End Goal 

Once you create an email account, define an end goal. Think about how much money you want to earn from the platform. 

For example, with moderate effort (an hour a day), you are looking at 500$ per month.

It is possible to earn more with more effort. It all comes down to what you want to earn with the platform. 

You can earn more money with more work.

However, with moderate effort, earning 500$ per month is more than enough.

Even more so if you know how to budget and save your money.  

3. Multiple Your Hustle 

Even then, think about signing up with other survey platforms. There are SwagBucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints to try out. 

Also, using a specific email account helps you to track all offers from a single address.

That gives you a chance to set alerts and get instant notifications for surveys. Thus, you can react fast and cash in on the surveys coming in. 

That is a solid idea if you want to multiply your income. However, you can do just fine with Survey Junkie alone. 

4. Detail Your Profile 

Whatever you choose to do, you have to complete your profile.

Here, the thing is not to complete for the sake of completion. The trick is to complete your profile with as much detail as possible. 

When you detail the profile, it becomes easier for the platform to send your surveys.

For example, your profile can help you land unique surveys. Or, it can help you land regular surveys for a specific topic. 

However, whatever you do, be honest.

You can be more productive with surveys that pique your interest.  

5. Check the Email Every Few Hours 

Now, this was all a setup.

For the success of the hack, you need to know what you are doing and how you are doing it. With the profile and email ready, it is time to get your first points on the platform. 

For that, check your email every few hours.

For example, open up your email in a separate tab. If you are at work, make sure to check that email every hour or two hours.

When you check your email, skim through emails to find relevant promotions. 

You can even set alerts to notify you about new surveys.

That is crucial for success since you need to act fast and earn more points. Staying consistent is the key to winning with this strategy.

6. Use a Single Account 

The next thing you want to do is to focus on a single account. While you may feel like focusing on several accounts at once is a good idea, avoid that. 

Building your accounts helps you to access more offers and earn more money.

With two or more accounts, you split your focus and earn less.

With more surveys you do from a single account, you get access to better promotions. And, you get a chance to earn even more. 

Along with that, you want to focus and answer the survey as soon as it pops up in your inbox.

7. Answer the Survey Right Away 

The most valuable hack you can possess is your speed. The faster you react to a survey, the more points you can earn. Thus, you can earn more money and get a chance for better promotions. 

That is also a moment where alerts come in handy. You can set specific notifications for emails coming from Survey Junkies to learn about new surveys. Then, simply log in to your account, complete the survey and earn the points. 

Even with speed as a key factor, you want to take a moment and give honest answers. 

8. Be Honest 

Now, this is a rather valuable tip. You have to be honest when you do the surveys.

Having a genuine reaction to surveys not only helps the companies, but also it helps you. 

Being honest makes you a reliable asset to companies looking for feedback.

And, there is more chance to get more surveys for a specific company type depending on your answers.

Thus, make sure that you find a way to answer in truth, and bring actual value to the survey. 

With that, you have everything you need to thrive with this strategy.

Now, you want to add a bit of technical thinking to what you play to do with Survey Junkies.  

9. Set Targets 

Now, you have to lay out the groundwork for your involvement with the platform.

While other aspects of the strategy are valuable, this is the part where you want to focus. 

Setting a target means finding a proportion between the desired income and the time you spend on the platform.

Additionally, you want to set those targets on a weekly and monthly basis.

Here, the difference between a goal and a target is that a goal is an overall outcome you want to achieve. 

The target, on the other hand, is more about setting a realistic expectation of what you want to make.

Let’s say that you want to make at least a 500$ per month with Survey Junkies.

That means that you need to make around 125$ per week.  

To reach that goal you need to spend at least an hour on the platform each day.

That is around five hours per week at least you need.

Realistically speaking, you need to invest a bit more time, so make that around an hour and a half each day. 

Try to make sense of that and put it into work. 

10. Easy Points 

To speed up the process, you should take advantage of the easy points. For example, you can get your first points by: 

  • Signing up (worth 25 points) 
  • Completing your profile (worth 50 points) 
  • Confirming your email (worth 25 points) 
  • How it works tour (worth 5 points) 
  • Profile surveys (worth 10 points) 

However, you can do this only once. Make sure to use it right away to get a headstart.  

11. Affiliate Program 

Finally, you should make the most of the available affiliate program.

Affiliate programs can help you get even an extra hundred or two if you do it correctly. 

Survey Junkie affiliate programs let you earn 5% of commissions from users that sign up through your affiliate link.

And, you receive that 5% of commissions for the first three months when they sign up. 

If you have some marketing or persuasion skills, you can multiply your income. That concludes all the hacks you can use for the platform. 

Final Thoughts on Survey Junkie Hacks

With proper organization, Survey Junkie could be an excellent way to supplement your income.

Its true potential is that it allows it to build an additional cash flow with little to no effort.  

Give it a try if you want to earn fast money with little effort.

And, if you would like to stop scrolling, and turn that wasteful time into money.