6 Things To Include In Every Business Partnership Agreement

What to include in business partnership agreement

In any relationship, conflicts will always be inevitable.

Regardless of the kind of relationship in question, misunderstandings will take place and blow out of proportion in the absence of an agreement.

When conflicts happen between partners in business, they end up in awful lawsuits.

With an amazing business partnership agreement, you can easily outline the rights and obligations of each partner.

This draft should outline how the partners should handle their business conflicts because they happen all the time.

A good partnership agreement template should address any anticipated changes like growth, dissolution, succession and retirement.

When drafting your agreement, ensure you explain the unique business relationship among partners and all the business operations taking place.

Highly skilled corporate commercial lawyers for partnership disputes can help you draft the ideal agreement for your business. Here are some of the things you need to include in the agreement:

Partnership name

The name of the business is one of the first things partners need to come up with when creating their business.

The name of the business can be derived from the names of the partners or other sources.

Regardless of the option, you are taking when naming the business, ensure it has been registered by the state.

The name chosen for the business is paramount in identifying the business. This name will get rid of confusion when there are several other businesses or partnerships involved.

Contributions from the partners

The contributions made by each of the partners will vary from one business to the other. In some partnerships, the professionals involved will bring the capital while others will have to give their managerial or operational skills.

Every contribution from the partners should be well indicated in the draft. You do not want to get surprises in the future.

Profit and losses allocations

When forming a partnership, the owners expect to earn profits at the end of the day.

The agreement draft should clearly answer the question of when and how the company profits will be allocated to the partners.

The same will apply to the losses.

Decision-making powers and authority

All the partners in a business have special interests in the profitability and success of the company.

Every partner should have the authority to make some critical decisions and even make new agreements concerning the business.

The agreement draft should carefully outline the rules and powers governing the partners.

This statement will get rid of any confusion and at the same time protect the interests of everyone in the business.


When the company is starting, there will be numerous responsibilities to deal with.

Management roles have to be included too, whether permanent or temporary.

The agreement should address the roles of each partner concerning the business operations.

Death or withdrawal of a partner

It’s easy for business partners to ignore the issue of departure from the business because the discussion is always very uncomfortable.

Most partners will not think about separating when the business is new.

It is, however, very crucial to consult a lawyer and outline what happens when the business partners have to separate.

The separation details need to be professional so that everyone is happy at the end of the day.