How To Sell Breast Milk; Unusual But Profitable Way To Make Money

How to sell breast milk

Breast milk is necessary for the growth of any mammal, and therefore, human beings.

But did you know that selling breast milk could help you to grow your monthly income? 

Selling breast milk is a chance for young mothers to help other families and women while earning money.

There are several ways to sell milk.

And send it to customers while securing the quality of the milk. 

Once you test and ensure the quality of your breast milk, you can sell it online alone or through a service.

In any case, when producing extra milk, storing it in the fridge can be a way to supplement your income. 

Before you get into the way of selling breast milk, there are things you need to know.

Like, how breast milk works and how you can legally sell it.  

How Much is Breast Milk Worth? 

First, you want to consider a few things before you think about the worth of breast milk.

Those things are how much milk you can produce and how often you can do it.

And, how much need is there for breast milk at the moment? 

After all, you are a human being, not a factory.

Some women may produce more milk than others.

Also, that may depend on which stage of post-pregnancy you are in and your general health condition.

You can gauge the amount of breast milk you can produce by following the amount you currently produce.

Follow it week by week to determine the median amount of breast milk. 

Another criterion is how often you can produce breast milk.

In the initial post-pregnancy, women lactate more and produce more milk.

Later on, where the baby requires less breast milk, the lactation subsides. So, it is best to do it after a month or two of the baby’s birth. 

Finally, you have to think of the need.

Depending on the demographics of your location, there may be a higher demand for breast milk. 

Considering all of the above, you can expect to sell an ounce of milk for $1 to up to 3-5$.  

How To Sell Breast Milk? 

Selling breast milk is often done through a service or direct sales.

That means you can sell breast milk through a milk bank.

Or, you can sell it online through your network, Facebook group, or in another way. 

When you sell through milk banks, you communicate directly with a seller.

All you have to do is to send your milk and get a check.

Of course, you need to verify the quality of the milk.

Luckily, that is a routine process. Then, the milk bank pays you, and that is the end of the process. 

Selling online can be a better way to sell breast milk if you have entrepreneurial skills.

You have to find the buyers or network to find opportunities.

Once you tap into the market and get referrals, you can sell more.

And at a better price than with a milk bank. 

Of course, the best way is to combine these methods for the highest profit.

You can try either way and see what works for you.  


Another concern for women is the legality of the process.

However, there are no legal limits to selling breast milk.

While it may sound contradictory, it is a legal process altogether. It is a strange way to earn money, but we’ve covered similar methods before. For example, selling feet pics on platforms like Instafeet (Instafeet Review).

The concern you may have is about milk quality. When you sell breast milk, the quality of breast milk is paramount.

So, take tests such as STD tests and elementary health tests.

With that, you ensure that milk is healthy for newborns to use. 

All tests are available at your local medical lab and take up to a week to perform.

Once you do it, repeat it after a month or two.

Once you ensure that you are healthy, start looking for buyers for breast milk.    

Where To Sell Breast Milk? 

Finding buyers is the priority of selling breast milk. While you can store milk in the freezer, it is better to sell it fresh.

For that, you need a market or buyers before you decide to sell.

While it may sound contradictory, think about the issue from a mother’s standpoint. 

You also want the best for your child.

Therefore, ensure that you can sell fresh breast milk or that it spends the least amount of time in the freezer. 

Once you have the necessary quality of the milk, it is time to look for breast milk banks or online communities.

If you are unsure which path to pursue, look at your habits and productive capabilities. 

A breast milk bank is better for a woman that can produce more milk.

The method is straightforward since there is a licensed buyer you contact.

The moment your breast milk passes the quality test, they become your regular buyer.

The problem with the method is a fixed price that you can’t further negotiate the value of the milk. 

Online communities are better for a proactive person.

While it offers a chance to tap into the market, you have to network to make a sale.

That may be hard for people, but it offers you to negotiate better prices and earn more.  

In the end, call everyone and contact who you can.

When you try all possibilities, you’ll figure out what works for you and your body.  

Selling Breast Milk To Hospitals? 

So far, you may notice that there was no mention of selling breast milk to hospitals.

That is because hospitals are never direct buyers of breast milk. Hospitals buy breast milk from breast milk banks. 

Breast milk banks have a system to ensure the quality of breast milk.

Since hospitals buy in bulk, they require a system to speed up the process.

Also, you can’t sell 100 oz of milk to a hospital, since it is a minuscule amount for hospital needs. 

Thus, rely on the breast milk banks and selling to online communities for success.  

Breast Milk Banks 

The breast milk bank is a company that acts as a wholesaler of breast milk.

Their business model includes finding sellers of breast milk, buying breast milk, and selling it in bulk.

You can find breast milk banks through online searches or referrals. 

Before you select any milk banks, read reviews.

Learn about requirements and the buying process. 

Once you settle for a specific company, contact them to sell the milk.

Confirm their quality requirements and ship the milk. 

Some companies may require that you send even 100 oz of milk for free testing! If it is possible, it is better to avoid such an offer.

The median price of breast milk is 1$ per 33 oz. However, regular sellers may reach even $3 or $5 per 33oz.

That price is rather rare, and mostly you are looking at 1-3$.  

Selling Online 

Selling online is a method to rely on tapping into various online communities to find buyers.

Unlike human milk banks, online communities have no regulations.

As either buyer or seller, you are left to your devices and reputation to close the sale.

It is a method with more risks but also a higher profit margin. 

To start selling breasts online, look for online communities.

You can start with either referral or a Google search.

There are a bunch of websites to look at and sign up for an account.

Their business model is similar to the breast milk bank.

However, they are a company of a smaller size and want to connect with direct consumers. 

With online communities, you negotiate the price.

However, the price you get with online communities is similar to that you get with breast milk banks. 

Facebook groups are another way to sell breast milk.

A dozen groups are depending on your state, country, or general location.

The advantage of Facebook groups is that you can participate in various groups at once. 

That increases the chance to find the buyer, and negotiate a better price.

Also, you can negotiate to sell milk in bulk, earning even more money in the process.

With that, you have to find what works for you and sell your breast milk.  

Breast Milk Price

Finally, the price of breast milk depends on the amount you produce and the deal you close.

The final advice is to look at conservative prices and try to upsell them if possible. 

While it sounds like easy money, selling breast milk is a tedious job.

If you are lucky, you may turn into a profitable side hustle.

Most reports state that women earn around $2500 selling breast milk. And, some claim that they earn even more. 

However, make sure that your well-being is your priority.

While it may look like something simple to do, selling breast milk takes a strain on your body. 

Maintain it on the regular, and sell only the surplus breast milk.

That way you can help other women and children and earn money at the same time.

And above all, help a newborn have a better life.