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How Main Path Solves the SEO Challenge

Main Path approaches Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the way it should be—holistically.

At Main Path, we think a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy involves a lot of moving parts. That’s why we recommend a holistic approach to SEO for our clients.
To improve organic search rankings, your SEO strategy must incorporate a multitude of different marketing activities, and to integrate them. A solid SEO strategy maximize seach marketing activity, but more importantly, recognizes how these efforts can work  in tandem towards a shared goal.

If you think of SEO as focused on links and keywords, your attitude is out of date. A holistic (and ultimately successful) SEO strategy involves all of the factors that Search Engines look at when evaluating relevancy: links, keywords, technical optimization, brand awareness, content distribution, social media posting and management, time on site, click through rates, conversion rates, and a lot more. Building your profile in any or all of these activities will help your overall SEO profile and should be included in an effective SEO Strategy.


So how do you develop a successful SEO strategy? First and foremost, Main Path believes that internet marketing activities should not only be trackable, but they should also drive results. This is why we start with the end game in mind.

What are your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for success on the web—leads, phone calls, online sales, content downloads? Once we understand your KPIs, we will tailor a plan for your campaign by leveraging our data driven formulas, which target the interconnectivity of the web. Google and other search engines evaluate these channels and they look at many different “signals” in order to determine importance and relevancy. If your campaign does not take advantage of this data and interconnectivity, then you’re going to be chasing the competition.

We will leverage industry leading data, our proprietary relationships, and formulas for success to help drive online results for your business.

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Search Engine

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What We
Do Best.

Main Path is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping small and mid-sized businesses that cannot support hiring their own digital marketing department.

Based on each client’s individual needs, we develop a customized, multi-channel digital marketing strategy that leverages the interconnectivity of the web to ensure all of your online marketing channels are working together to help drive results.

This includes search engine optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, analytics and reporting.

For nine years we’ve driven results for our clients through high-quality services and deliverables.

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