Thorough Instructions For Choosing Fonts For The Logo

Thorough Instructions For Choosing Fonts For The Logo

The brand logo is an important element of your brand, and it should be carefully chosen and crafted. In the brand logo, the use of fonts and typography is a must for modern companies.

The use of particular fonts may not look so impactful, but it leaves an impression on the subconscious of the user.

The first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a brand logo may be the pictorial elements. But what we often ignore is the use of fonts and how there are hidden messages in the logo.

The use of fonts and typography makes the logo very interesting and engaging for the user. In this article, you will know at length how to choose the right textual element and font for the logo.

When choosing the font for the brand, there are some types of fonts that work better than others. 

The importance of font for your brand image 

In this article, you will know about the best fonts to use in the brand logo. You will also find tips for the choice of the brand logo so that your brand logo comes together nicely and engages the user.

The use of logos and other visual elements with consistency can boost website traffic and user numbers for your brand. Apart from logo design ideas and fonts, thorough solutions to boost the traffic of your website can be found here.

There are multiple elements of a good logo, and you cover fonts in this particular article. Getting the font right is only one aspect of the right logo for your company.

However, with numerous fonts, it is a bit challenging when it comes to finding the right font. To avoid any confusion, here are the tips you should follow while choosing the font for your logo

Choose a simple font 

Remember that simplicity is the key to communication. When communicating with the audience, choose simple elements. This also goes out to the font elements of the brand.

A clean font that is easy to read and connect to is the right one for brand representation. There are many simple fonts that are preferred when creating the brand font.

For example, the most popular fonts for brand message and logo representation are Serif, Sans Serif and Cursive. The fonts that can be included are Bodoni, Helvetica, and Open Sans. You can choose from different variations of these fonts to create the brand message or logo. 

Do some market research 

Before you finalise the fonts, make sure you do some market research. Market research and competitor research exposes you to the fonts and styles that your competitors are using.

This way, you can find the best font for your target audience. The font you choose does not have to be borrowed from your competitor.

It is always better to make a unique font combination for your brand. However, market research and competitor research gives you the basic idea of a starting point. 

Use a font that represents your brand

The font you choose has to represent your brand perfectly. Go through different fonts and choose the one you feel represents your brand image. Choose the font that is in harmony with the brand image you choose and the logo you are putting up. Do not go for fonts that are too confusing.

The brand font should give a layer of meaning to your brand logo and message.

There are different niches and different brands in the niches. Therefore, choose the font that goes with your theme, niche and imagery.

One font that is central to your core ideas and values does wonders in adding definition to your brand. 

Do not use too many fonts 

Remember, the first point is to keep everything simple. When it comes to simplicity, too many elements are a no-no.

Therefore, you should always refrain from using too many fonts in a single logo. Too many different fonts put up a chaotic message and throw off the customer. You do not want to take away from the message and central idea of the brand.

When there are too many different fonts and different styles, the audience spends a lot of time identifying and decoding them. The audience base today has very little patience and a small window of engagement. So, your brand should choose font elements that are clear, solid and convey the message powerfully.

A single, solid font is the right way to go about the design. You can also combine two fonts in the final design, but anything more than two is a bit too much. 

Do not use trendy choices 

Even fonts have trends, and you may feel like choosing the font in trend. However, you should know that the brand font is something that stays.

Brands do not change their font from time to time. In fact, popular brands do not go for brand remodeling very frequently.

You should choose a good, solid font that speaks reliably. Trends shift and can confuse your creative team.

Choose the fonts that have stood the test of time and work best for your niche audience. 

Bottom Line

Remember that half of the customers are able to patronize a brand that has a well-recognized logo.

When you are choosing the font to go with your logo, it is important to choose a font that is easy to read and incorporate with the brand image and logo. 

More than 80 percent of the customers feel that what makes a brand stand out is its authenticity. So, you have to stay authentic to your central idea and logo elements when choosing the font to use.

If you are looking to experiment with the fonts, you can go into the sub-categories and fine-tune the fonts. Look for the feel, emotions and ideas that you wish to convey with the fonts.

You can conduct extensive research into what the different fonts represent and go for the perfect one to make your digital marketing campaign profitable.

The company creative team and think tank can help you with the brainstorming and idea selection on fonts.